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Back in the day we didn’t have Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and everything else social media that the girls and guys at school now have access to to see what they liked and disliked when it came to dressing up for the school ball.

No to buy our dresses from or amazing picture galleries to see just what dress or suit you like, or what corsage is the coolest, the most unique, prettiest or even what would be a good colour match for your outfit.

Technology is great but things haven’t really changed about what we want for our school ball and that is to feel really good when the night finally comes around.

If you’re finding it a bit overwhelming why not take a picture of the dress you are wearing and the style you like and email or text it to me well before your school ball so I can see what I can create as a corsage to go perfectly with your chosen outfit?


I can advise you on what colour or flower would fit perfectly for your cool corsage on the day.  I love seeing all the different dresses and outfits the girls and guys are wearing and I’m always blown away by how beautiful and grown up they all look.

It can be nerve wracking though if this is your first ball, which is why we put so much pressure on ourselves to get it just right.  We want our make up done but we still want to look like us, we want our hair to be just right without being too over the top or different from how we wear it normally.  We want our dress to look gorgeous but we still want to feel comfortable.  The boys always look so wonderful all dressed up but there’s lots of nerves there too especially when you’re taking a partner.

To prepare for your corsage ordering, have a look online and get some ideas.  Send them to me and I can tell you what we can do.  Some flowers will be in season and some won’t but that’s never a problem as I always work successfully with what we’ve got.  I love native flora and fauna and adding a touch in a corsage gives it a fresh, modern twist.  Corsages are very traditional for a school ball but that doesn’t mean we can’t modernise them up a bit.  It’s nice to mix traditional with the current because that’s when you get something special.


I really hope you all have fun at your school ball! Enjoy the dressing up part as much as the night because one day you will look back with fondness about what happened; the people you were with and the fun times you had (some of them not planned I bet).  I’d love to create the perfect corsage for you or the one you have asked, so view, flick me a text or drop me an email and we’ll get creating.


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